The Finishing Club

Be free of your PhD

One of the hardest things about a PhD is finishing it.

Feeling lost, not knowing what to do next, and even wanting to give up are normal feelings in the PhD process.

Navigating these states can be challenging, and that's where The Finishing Club can help.

If you are stuck - we can help get you unstuck.
If you need motivation - we can help get you going.
If you're lost - we can help you find the map.

The Finishing Club can help you get free of your PhD.

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“For me, the PhD process is an ongoing battle - with myself, with expectations, with unbelievable amounts of work. Liesel has helped me navigate those challenges. She quickly grasps where I am and what I need to continue to. get. this. done! She puts me back into the right mindset and reminds me of where I have come from and where I want to be. From setting small weekly goals to keeping an overview, from communicating with supervisors to taking responsibility and deciding on priorities, the PhD battle would be so much worse without her wittiness and ability to see things clearly. I am forever thankful for her communication skills, dedication, insights and support.”

— Monika Onken, Peace and Conflict Scholar

Gary's coaching session gave me the gentle yet powerful nudge I needed to actually finish my project. I'd been writing my book for months, procrastinating and finding other shiny things to do. After my session with Gary I made the book my priority and I'm so grateful. My Flexperts book might never have made it into the world otherwise!